HydroGuard™ 0.5L Expansion Vessel

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HydroGuard™ 0.5L Expansion Vessel

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Product details

  • Capacity: 0.16 - 4 liter / 0.04 - 1.06 gallon                              
  • Maximum working pressure: 10 bar / 150 psi                                    
  • Factory pre-charge: 1 or 4 bar / 15 or 58 psi              
  • Maximum operating temperature: 90° C / 194° F                               

HydroGuard tanks are high quality, versatile shock arrestor tanks suitable for hydraulic hammer arresting and shock suppression in a wide range of applications including:

  • Booster systems                                    
  • Plumbing installations (for example toilet, washing machine, dishwasher)                
  • Commercial bathrooms and sinks       
  • Solenoid valve protection

The HydroGuard™ series has been specifically designed for hydraulic hammer arresting applications.  Featuring the latest diaphragm technology, HydroGuard™ shock arrestors are built to reduce or eliminate hydraulic shock, otherwise known as water hammer.

How HydroGuard™ shock arrestors work:

HydroGuard™ shock arrestors absorb pressure surges within waters or other fluids that are suddenly stopped or forced into other directions by fast closing valves.  A high-grade butyl diaphragm is sealed within the vessel creating a barrier between the fluid and a compressible air chamber.  The air acts as a cushion which compresses when the system pressure suddenly increases as a result of hydraulic shock.  HydroGuard™ shock arrestors are best used at the point of shock and should be installed close to the valve or piping where shock originates from. 

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