FlowThru™ 170L Expansion Vessel

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FlowThru™ 170L Expansion Vessel

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Product details

  • Maximum working pressure: 8.6 bar / 125 psi                      
  • Pre-charge: 1.4 bar / 20 psi                       
  • Maximum operating temperature: 90° C / 194° F (steel), 49° C / 120° F (composite)

The FlowThru™ range of tanks is ideally suited for systems where the water stored in the tank is not circulated due to a maintained level of continuous pressure in the system. Every model in the range has been designed with a patented FlowThru™ connection which diverts system water into and, more importantly, out of the tank while the pump is running.  This constant flushing action assures that the water in the tank remains as fresh as possible and eliminates the possibility of stagnant water during normal system operations.

Like the rest of GWS’s steel and composite tanks, the FlowThru™ incorporates our patented controlled action diaphragm-CAD2, which regulates movement and prevents the diaphragm from rubbing against the tank wall.

Applications include:

  • Pressure booster systems                                                              
  • HVAC systems                                    
  • Cooling tower systems                                    
  • Evaporative condenser systems                                    
  • Spa systems

Global Water Solutions now guarantees the freshest water quality possible with the revolutionary FlowThru™ series design; available in both composite and steel models.  Featuring GWS’s exclusive patented FlowThru™ technology, the possibility of stagnation has been eliminated, so you can rest assured that your system will provide the freshest water possible.

As with all GWS products, FlowThru™ tanks are quality tested throughout the production process to ensure their structural integrity.  Steel models are capable of managing a maximum working temperature of 90°C/ 194°F, and composite models are capable of managing 49°C / 120°F.

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