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So that we may free up our own manufacturing resources to focus on our speciality of bespoke cylinders, we have approached a fellow quality manufacturer to allow us to be a stockist for their range of Stainless Steel Unvented Units. This also comes with the benefit of being able to offer for the first time unvented cylinders with a "bubble top" which we do not have the facilities to manufacture ourselves.

What is a bubble top?

A bubble top is a method of internal expansion where an air bubble is formed in the top of the tank and used for expansion, this is effective in situations where there is insufficient room for an external expansion vessel.

3S Technology

The patented 3S Technology allows for the internal air bubble to be continuously replenished without the need for manual recharging. This works utilising an inlet valve which draws air into the tank through the Venturi Effect. More can be read in brochure here.


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