All-Weather™ 24L Expansion Vessel

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All-Weather™ 24L Expansion Vessel

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Product details

  • Capacity: 18 & 24 liter /  4.8 & 6.3 gallon
  • Maximum working pressure: 10 bar / 150 psi                                    
  • Pre-charge: 1.9 bar / 28 psi                                    
  • Maximum operating temperature: 90° C / 194° F

All-Weather™ Series pressure tanks are suitable for a variety of applications where the tank requires more protection from harsh environments.

The Patented PLASTEEL shell ensures an impenetrable protective shielding against the harshest elements. The All-Weather™ series is capable of resisting all weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow and sun, and is the perfect solution for marine or mining applications.  The All-Weather™ series represents one of the greatest innovations in pressure tank technology today. As with all GWS products, these tanks are quality-tested throughout the production process to ensure their structural integrity.

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